About Us

Welcome to Ontario Cottages! This has no doubt been our most neglected area with some really good first time user numbers. For that we apologize.

Our core comes from Kawartha and Kawartha Graphics. Similar, yet distinct! We operate numerous sites under the Kawartha Banner including more than a half a dozen for TheTrentSevernWaterway.com. This site, OntarioCottages.com will be listed on most of our sites. We also operate numerous sites for OntarioCottages.com to enhance the reach for our cottages listings. Our philosophy, since 1992 when we came on the Internet, has always been and remains "Make Your Own Path". We do our best to be unique and just as we were the first with the Internet in our region, 1992; we seek to be the best and beyond reproach with what we currently do.

We will be creating Lake pages for the over 500 major lakes in Ontario and have over 10,000 available to us. We will offer, for download, basic hydrographical maps for each lake as a cottage is listed on that lake. Some may not be available to us. These will not be navigation guides but a course idea of the depths and where the fish might be, they were created from 1946 and forward by the Ontario Government. We haven’t seen many people who cottage who don’t fish, so we thought this might be a good feature.

Featured cottages will receive a lot of extra attention, so come aboard for we believe in the cruise we're developing for you. At some point we may have to limit the number of cottages as the intent is to do a lot of manual work to make sure they get found. We can't guarantee they'll be filled but we will do our part and more.

We respect privacy and do our utmost to keep your personal registration information private. Our terms and conditions are simple.

We have great differences from out competitors. We have designed the site for you, those who list or browse, keeping it as simple as we can while still offering a comprehensive amount of pertinent materials while keeping things easy to find.

Happy Browsing!